PUC-IA Galaxy Evolution Group

Meetings: Mondays, 1400–1500. New time TBD in the IA Seminar Room.

This the agenda/record page for the weekly galaxy evolution, star formation, and AGN discussion group. If you would like to join the email list, please contact George Privon (gprivon [at] astro [dot] puc [dot] cl).


Below are the future discussion plans and a record of previous sessions. Please contact me to suggest a topic or to volunteer to lead a discussion.

Future Discussions

The discussion group is on break until the start of the semester in March.

Date Leader Topic and Papers
TBD open

Past Discussions

Date Leader Topic and Papers
12 Sept 2016 Todos Group organization and planning
19 Sept 2016 no meeting holiday
26 Sept 2016 Claudio, Ezequiel, and George Conference summaries:
Mapping the Pathways of Galaxy Transformation Across Time and Space (George & Ezequiel)
Hidden Monsters (Claudio & Ezequiel)
03 Oct 2016 Leo, Holger, and Felipe MOONS
10 Oct 2016 no meeting holiday
17 Oct 2016 Sarah Pearson (Columbia) Tidal Stream Morphology as an Indicator of Dark Matter Halo Geometry: The Case of Palomar 5
24 Oct 2016 Maren The Changing Face of Galaxies” conference summary
31 Oct 2016 no meeting holiday
07 Nov 2016 Claudio Physics of X-rays in AGN (postponed. rescheduled date TBD)
14 Nov 2016 no meeting 2nd Chilean Workshop on Theoretical and Numerical Astrophysics
21 Nov 2016 no meeting
28 Nov 2016 Eleonora Sani (ESO) “Observing with KMOS: non standard scientific aims and the mosaic mode”
05 Dec 2016 Lia Sartori (ETH Zurich) “AGN variability on ~104-5 year timescales”
12 Dec 2016 no meeting LSST workshop
23 Jan 2017 no meeting XIV Reunion SOCHIAS

Topics of Interest

Please let me know if you have other ideas to add and/or if you would like to discuss one of these (or another) topic.