Dynamical Model for the Dwarf Merger NGC 4485/90

11 July 2018

A preprint for “Modeling the Baryon Cycle in Low Mass Galaxy Encounters: the Case of NGC 4490 & NGC 4485” (Pearson+) has been released on the arXiv. In this paper we present the first dynamical model of a dwarf galaxy pair that is isolated from a more massive host. We show that we can explain the large hydrogen envelope of NGC 4485/90 as arising from a dynamical interaction and that the large envelope can potentially persist for several billion years. This has implications for the evolution of dwarf galaxy pairs, both isolated and around massive galaxies. The article has been submitted for publication in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Update (27 July 2018): This paper has now been accepted for publication in MNRAS and should appear in print soon.