Three New Papers Accepted

19 July 2018

Preprints for three papers I was involved with have been posted to the arXiv. The first, “ALMA [CI]3P13P0 observations of NGC6240: a puzzling molecular outflow, and the role of outflows in the global αCO factor of (U)LIRGs” (Cicone+) presents new measurements of the molecular gas mass in the galaxy merger NGC 6240, including the outflow. The second paper, “CO (7-6), [CI] 370 micron and [NII] 205 micron Line Emission of the QSO BRI 1335-0417 at Redshift 4.407” (Lu+) shows observations of various gas tracers in a high-redshift quasar and characterizes the star formation properties. The third paper, “The Frequency of Dwarf Galaxy Multiples at Low Redshift in SDSS vs. Cosmological Expectations” (Besla+) explores the incidence of pairs of dwarf galaxies in simulations, compared to our measurements from large sky surveys. The first two papers have been accepted for publication in The Astrophysical Journal and the third paper is currently under peer review for the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Update (23 July 2018): Besla+ has also now been accepted for publication in MNRAS and should appear in final form soon.