The dual AGN Mrk 739

26 March 2021

Dual AGN (galaxy merger systems where both supermassive black holes [SMBHs] are growing simultaneously) are an important tracer of the early a process that is expected to lead to the merger of supermassive black holes. The SMBH growth should impact the host galaxy, via “feedback” from winds and jets. In “The Complex Gaseous and Stellar environments of the nearby dual AGN Mrk 739” (Tubín+) we analyze integral field spectroscopy of the dual AGN system Mark 739, and assess the stellar populations and ionized gas properties. This paper establishes the overall geometry of the system and quantifies the energy input into the system from the growing SMBHs, finding that the radiation from the Eastern nucleus is having a measurable impact on the gas in the companion galaxy.

The paper has been accepted for publication in The Astrophysical Journal and a preprint is available on arXiv.