BAT AGN Spectroscopic Survey Data Release 2

26 July 2022

The BAT AGN Spectroscopic Survey (BASS) is an international collaboration studying active galactic nuclei selected on the basis of their hard X-ray emission. BASS samples the luminous and nearby population of growing supermassive black holes up to high levels of intervening obscuration. This is an essential population to study in order to understand how black holes grow and how that growth affects the galaxies in which they reside.

We are proud to announce Data Release 2 of BASS, via a special issue of the Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series. This data release includes the following papers:

  • “BASS. XXI. The Data Release 2 Overview” (Koss +)
  • “BASS. XXII. The BASS DR2 AGN Catalog and Data” (Koss +)
  • “BASS. XXIII. A New Mid-infrared Diagnostic for Absorption in Active Galactic Nuclei” (Pfeifle+)
  • “BASS. XXIV. The BASS DR2 Spectroscopic Line Measurements and AGN Demographics” (Oh+)
  • “BASS XXV: DR2 Broad-line Based Black Hole Mass Estimates and Biases from Obscuration” (Mejıa-Restrepo+)
  • “BASS. XXVI. DR2 Host Galaxy Stellar Velocity Dispersions” (Koss +)
  • “BASS. XXVIII. Near-infrared Data Release 2: High-ionization and Broad Lines in Active Galactic Nuclei” (den Brok+)
  • “BASS. XXIX. The Near-infrared View of the Broad-line Region (BLR): The Effects of Obscuration in BLR Characterization” (Ricci+)
  • “BASS. XXX. Distribution Functions of DR2 Eddington Ratios, Black Hole Masses, and X-Ray Luminosities” (Ananna+)

All papers are Open Access and are available via the Astrophysical Journal Supplements special issue.