This is my now page. It was last updated on 28 June 2020.


I live in Gainesville, Florida.


I am an Assistant Scientist in the North American ALMA Science Center at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. My main role is supporting the user community of the ALMA (sub)millimeter telescope, located on the Atacama Plateau of Northern Chile.


My current research focus is on completing a survey of cold gas in nearby galaxies. I have finished the data reduction and am conducting statistical analysis and interpretation.

I am also engaged in some structured procrastination and am developing a program for computing correlation coefficients with uncertainties.

Not Work


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, my away-from-home adventuring is on hiatus. To compensate, I am spending more time exploring Gainesville and Northern Florida, using my fleet.


I am slowly teaching myself Racket by inventing and implementing small projects. A few of the projects are on github.

I am a photographer (shooting digital and 35mm B&W film), and making an effort to do more physical display of the photos.