Public Outreach

I enjoy communicating astronomy to the general public, both within the education system and via other avenues. In terms of more direct education, I am actively involved in bringing astronomy to classrooms and presenting astronomy knowledge in public talks.

If you have questions about any of these projects, or are interested in having me visit your organization (in-person or digitally), please contact me.

Public Talks

I have given public lectures to a variety of groups, ranging from the general public to amateur astronomy groups. The topics range from an accessible overview of my research to general topics in astronomy, including current events. I particularly enjoy the lively Q&A sessions which generally follow. My past talks include the Charlottesville Astronomical Society and the Bays Mountain StarFest.

Classroom Visits

I occasionally visit elementary school classrooms to engage with students. These visits include any of: discussion of my research, the general importance of science and education, current topics or events in Astronomy, and general Q&A sessions. I enjoy doing both in-person and digital visits.