Research – Collaborations

I am a member of several collaborations which are focused on merger-driven galaxy evolution. These projects have or are in the process of assembling large multi-wavelength imaging and spectroscopic datasets. These datasets can be applied to my research interests and can be used in support of the potential student projects. In all collaborations I am actively working on (sub)mm and optical observations as well as numerical modeling of the ongoing mergers.

GOALS: The Great Observatories All-sky LIRG Survey

GOALS is a multiwavelength survey of the most infrared-luminous galaxies in the nearby universe. The aim of GOALS is to study extreme star formation, AGN, and merger-driven galaxy evolution. I am leading aspects of the (sub)mm studies of the ISM of GOALS galaxies as well as dynamical modeling of the mergers. I am also working on observations and analysis of optical integral field spectroscopy.

TNT: TiNy Titans

TNT is focused on interactions and mergers of dwarf galaxies in the nearby universe. Our understanding of dwarf galaxy interactions is limited, compared to our understanding of massive galaxies. Yet dwarf-dwarf interactions may be better analogs to hierarchical assembly at high redshift. I am actively involved in numerical modeling of local dwarf-dwarf mergers and am leading an integral field spectroscopy program on TNT galaxies.

MODA: Multiwavelength Observations of Dual AGN

MODA is focused on detailed multi-wavelength studies of the few confirmed dual AGN systems (mergers hosting two AGN with separations less than 10 kpc). The aim of MODA is to understand the impact of AGN on merger-driven galaxy evolution at the phase of a merger where the galaxies are near coalescence and nuclear feedback is expected to have its strongest influence. I am performing (sub)mm and optical integral field spectroscopic observations of these systems, and dynamical modeling of the host mergers.

BASS: The BAT AGN Spectroscopic Survey

BASS is an all-sky survey of AGN detected in hard X-rays with the Swift Burst Alert Telescope (BAT). I am involved in the (sub)millimeter characterization of the AGN host galaxies.