Research – Available Projects

Below I have listed short summaries of projects which are available for student involvement. The projects vary in length; some may be suitable for single-semester studies while others may be more conducive to graduate student projects. Many can be “resized” to fit other categories. Though this list is closely matched to my active research areas, my interest is not limited to these projects – if you have a project idea would you like to work on, please contact me. In particular, I am eager to work with students in developing thesis/dissertation projects to match their interests.

I have broadly organized the projects into observational and theoretical / numerical projects, since people often prefer to work in one or the other category. However, many of the projects would benefit from a hybrid approach – come talk to me if that interests you.


For many of those projects I already have the data needed to complete the projects, while others may require acquisition of new data.

Numerical / Theoretical

Below are projects involving numerical studies using N-body and hydrodynamic simulations; some may benefit from analytic approaches. Almost universally, these projects will involve generating and running new simulations.