Research – Software


Below are listings for some of my publicly available software packages. The emphasis is on code that has applications beyond the project for which it was originally written.


pymccorrelation is a python package to compute various correlation coefficients and associated uncertainties. The Kendall’s tau implementation supports left/right censored data on both the dependent and independent variables (following Isobe+ 1986). This builds on the work of Curran (2014) and an early version of the code (known then as pymcspearman) was used in Privon+ (2020). The software can be installed with pip:

pip install pymccorrelation

An overview of the usage is provided in the README.

Identikit Dynamical Modeling

I have a modified version of the Identikit 2 modeling tool (original code). This was used in Privon+ (2013).

I have also created an expanded library of merger models for Identikit. Some of the models included are taken from the original Identikit release and others are scaled versions of the same mass model, for use in exploring higher mass-ratio encounters.

SED Modeling for Separating AGN and Starbursts

The IDL SED modeling code used in “Modeling the Infrared Emission in Cygnus A” (Privon+ 2012) is available on github.

Document Templates

I have created some potentially useful document templates: